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About Us

About us

The Marvin Road is a singer-songwriter duo consisting of Vini Gomes and Marle Martens.

The pair have been making music separately for years and have worked hard at doing so. At the moment they would like nothing more than to pour their creativity, sound and message into their own music.


Marle and Vini have very different voices and also differ widely in personality, taste and style. Despite all of these contrasting elements, they complement each other seamlessly.

They write melodies that linger for a long time with flawlessly interweaving harmonies. Their folk pop songs are vibrant, soulful and steeped in singer-songwriter tradition, enhanced by Vini’s rock energy and Marle’s pop interpretation, but still full of pure, honest emotions.


The Marvin Road knows how to give each song their own touch. In addition to covers, snippets of their own work can be found on their Instagram and YouTube account. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the pair's agenda has become increasingly empty, which gave them the opportunity to fully focus on making their own music.


The Marvin Road is accompanied by a band consisting of Bas van Wetten, Jelle Stokhof & Micky Fisser.



The Marvin Road  
Sweet Goodbyes (Acoustic Cover)
by Krezip's
The Marvin Road  
Dancing in the Summer Rain (Snippet) filmed by Roderik Patijn
The Marvin Road  
I Made It Without You (Snippet)
The Marvin Road  
Hours and Hours (Snippet)



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Phone: +31 624 815 733

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